Cuba and the Special Period a series by Roberto Aguilar

Habana, Habanos, Habaneros: Cuba and the Special Period.

This is a very special collection shot over the period of a few years.  Roberto travelled to Cuba intermittently between 1995-1999 at the urging of friends. A common affinity to cigars led them there along with the curiosity of exploring a complex other; Cuba was mysterious, complicated, forbidden. The idea of discovering it visually became a challenge and an opportunity for him as an emerging photographer. These images blurring the juncture between documentary and art, capture enigmatic scenes that he recently rediscovered among stored boxes of forgotten, dusty negatives. Their unearthing reveals a multiplicity of journeys and brings to the present a glimpse of the fleeting. What Roberto intends to assemble through this series is an amalgam of the effects of memory, time, history and relationships that became available to him during singular moments of contact with Cuba’s official tobacco distributors, Habanos S.A. ,and a nascent cigar business that still resonate. 


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