Hand Made • Limited Edition Prints •Platinum

From time to time we are lucky enough  to have these hand made prints available at the store.

Platinum Palladium Prints are regarded as the ultimate collectors print; the prints are so stable that they will literally outlast the paper on which they are printed. They are revered for its permanence and subtle beauty.

The platinum/palladium print is among the most compelling and expressive techniques known to photographic printmakers. The process is defined by the hand-coating of a sheet of rag artist’s paper with a mixture of photosensitive platinum and palladium metals, the emulsion soaks into and impregnates the fibers of the paper itself. The marriage of the paper and emulsion renders the print capable of a subtle three-dimensional image depth. In addition, the medium provides one of the longest tonal ranges of all photographic processes, painting midtones and highlights delicately and smoothly. Platinum and palladium, known by chemists as “noble metals” for their refusal to oxidize, can exude a richness and depth rarely achieved by other printmaking methods. Detail can be discovered in the sonorous shadows and spectral whites.  The considerable effort and precious materials involved in this process make platinum/palladium images relatively rare and unique. The metal salts used are more stable than any other photographic media, and with proper care will outlast other prints by centuries. It is a process that was invented in 1873. The creation of a contemporary platinum print, whether from film or digital camera, remains an intimate, handcrafted process.

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